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IT night 2014 recap & slides

IT Night 2014

 First of all – this is a coolest event badge ever. Seriously – it’s awesomeness is about zoundsss! Thanks guys again for that!

So this night is over, I think we all had already enough sleep and now we’re able to do some recap. First of all – hard to say for me but this was my first IT night; somehow it happened that I couldn’t make it earlier (7 years to narrow it as this was 8th edition – lol). What was this night about? Everything that was somehow connected to IT topics; there were gaming consoles, Linux Millionaire – like trivia, throwing HDDs challenge, assembling PC challenge etc – all the things we did and we love or hate :) And of course – there were many talks given by awesome people (lol – including me) ;) But honestly – every one person who attended this night was really awesome – We could talk a lot with almost everyone and did not get bored :)

So – if you weren’t there – regret this all 365 following days and register to the next edition – it’s really a must – be event :) And for organizers – guys – you did a tremendous and great job – thank you for that!

My talk was about living and working in terminal. You can find this on Slideshare (embedded below). I also created GitHub project where I will develop those topics through the time. Wanna help? No prob – just ping me somehow ;)

Invitation to IT Night 2014

Noc Informatyka 2014

Today we’ll have a fun during IT’s night 2014. It’ll take place here in Krk in a great place called “The Wonder Years”. Basically it’s nerd – event, where every one of us will be able to talk about things we can’t talk with our wives, bosses etc ;)

This event will be driven in Polish language; you’ll find agenda here:

I’ll give a talk there – I’ll show you guys how I live in the terminal most of my time; what kind of tools I use and why I don’t like to leave the term. I named this lecture “Ghost in the shell” – I suppose you know why ;)

So see you there today! Oh – my talk will take place at 1:50AM ;)

AA meetup & SEConference invitation


It looks like I’ll have once again talk at AA meetup (Anonymous Admins group). I’ll show you guys presentation I prepared for 11th Linux Session in Wrocław about Ganglia and Nagios integration. It was quite sudden as organizers asked me just yesterday and announced today that I’ll have this talk tomorrow. It’ll be fun I think ;) RSVP at


Moreover this Friday I’ll give a talk about node.js security. I’ll cover topics of securing server environment, creating backend services in a stable and reliable & secure way and also I’ll try to show some patterns of insecure ways of delivering solutions based on node.js. Register at