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Moving to Pelican

I’ve been moving this blog to new address and different engine. Can’t tell that I liked WordPress; right now using Pelican with Markdown and just <3 it.

New blog can be found here:

I’m posting there any new content; also will move there blogpost from this old WordPress in a future.



This is crazy. grep 2.17 is out and has a lot of improvements. “a lot” means here:

And my poor Fedora 20 has only grep 2.6.3. It’s time to build packages.


Google Reader is dead. What now?

Google Reader

Ok, so Google Reader is dead. This is not the end of the world – everything one has to do is defeat his habits  and find some other RSS solution. A couple of my friends asked me what kind of alternative I choosed – and why not Feedly.

I answered shortly: I don’t like Feedly and I found something that assures me stable, secure and easy to migrate RSS solution. I decided to go with Tiny Tiny RSS – let’s Open Source ;)

But.. We have to host this solution on our own servers (ups). There is also Android App (ups – there’s none for iPhone). So what? We can ;) And this will be as secure as You deploy it – so roll the ball & remember that Your RSS feeds info is also interesting for someone looking at You ;)

There was some article on describing some installation details: