Adding Python support for Ganglia – gmond on Centos / RHEL

While creating Ganglia RPM packages for my Centos repository I got stuck with a lack of Python support in Ganglia – gmond. I’ll try to to explain details of this whole issue.

First of all one could just install ganglia-gmond packages from Epel repo – and that will make the general case. I checked EPEL packages and those contain so go for it ;) But I just couldn’t go that way as I had to create my own packages.

First of all – let’s check the compilation params regarding to Python:

So by default there should be Python support builtin. But after compiling & building there’s no library on /usr/lib64/ganglia and that is weird. Digging deeper in config.log there’s:

Hmm – that’s really weird. Let’s go even more deeper – now with

Ok so it’s true – by default there should be Python support. Let’s check further (still

Ah crap – and here it is. Python support will be disabled and library won’t be created when there’s no header files for Python on our OS. You can make sure if there is Python.h by using locate / find / whatever.

Solution? Just:

And that will make it.