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Invitation to AtmosphereConf


I’ll give a talk at AtmosphereConf – this event is all about performance and scalability, the biggest one in Poland of this kind. It remembers me about VelocityConf that I attended couple of years ago.

I’ll be there as a part of Fedora Project. And here is the abstract of my talk:

Scaling and securing node.js apps

After few years of node.js in operation we know it’s very fast. We all heard stories about backend services running with the help of node.js and V8 core. But what we have learned about the security of such applications? What are the major threats here? I’ll explain how to create node.js apps in a secure and reliable way. Also – I’ll show how those could be scaled easily with (or without) help of Linux containers (Docker based) or jail – systems like Selinux Sandbox or libvirt sandbox.

There’s still possibility to register – and this event is really full of great people and talks – just can’t wait till I’m there :)

node.js security slides from SEConference 2014


Yesterday I gave talk about node.js security during SEConference here in Kraków. It was fun – especially afterparty where we could do some nerd – talking about our security concerns :)

Oh and that part:

me: “- hey, where did you get this Dragon Sector t-shirt?”

vnd: “- because I’m the member of Dragon sector”

me: “- LOL, that explains everything”

And I was wondering why this guy is called “vnd” – just like that one from Dragon Sector. It was so obvious – lolme ;)

Ok so now – slides:

Node.js security from Maciej Lasyk

AA meetup & SEConference invitation


It looks like I’ll have once again talk at AA meetup (Anonymous Admins group). I’ll show you guys presentation I prepared for 11th Linux Session in Wrocław about Ganglia and Nagios integration. It was quite sudden as organizers asked me just yesterday and announced today that I’ll have this talk tomorrow. It’ll be fun I think ;) RSVP at


Moreover this Friday I’ll give a talk about node.js security. I’ll cover topics of securing server environment, creating backend services in a stable and reliable & secure way and also I’ll try to show some patterns of insecure ways of delivering solutions based on node.js. Register at