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AA meetup & SEConference invitation


It looks like I’ll have once again talk at AA meetup (Anonymous Admins group). I’ll show you guys presentation I prepared for 11th Linux Session in Wrocław about Ganglia and Nagios integration. It was quite sudden as organizers asked me just yesterday and announced today that I’ll have this talk tomorrow. It’ll be fun I think ;) RSVP at


Moreover this Friday I’ll give a talk about node.js security. I’ll cover topics of securing server environment, creating backend services in a stable and reliable & secure way and also I’ll try to show some patterns of insecure ways of delivering solutions based on node.js. Register at

Stop disabling SELinux – slides from my talk @ Krakow Infosec meetup


Every time you run setenforce 0, you make Dan Walsh weep. Dan is a nice guy and he certainly doesn’t deserve that. So see how not to disable SELinux and why it is so great :)

Infosec meetup invitation


Next week there will be first Infosec group meetup. It’ll take place in BaseLab here in Kraków. I’ll give a #SELinux presentation there and that will be the beginning of the whole SELinux series. I’ll try to enlight all of you who still “setenforce 0”.

You can RSVP here:

And remember one, very important thing, Dan is watching you!