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Gmail like “+” adresses aliases in Postfix

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A few weeks ago I completely migrated from Gmail to my own e-mail solution (based on Postfix, Dovecot, RoundCube and some evil security layers). One of the important things about managing you own email server is saving your time. So when tweaking – you should do it simple and fast.

I really missed one simple trick from Gmail – those aliases created dynamically with the use of plus character (e.g. [email protected] – you’ll find more here:

Of course – one could simply create some aliases in /etc/aliases or even in virtual_maps for particular domains but we have to save our time and we should find some way that it could be done without our intervention anytime we’d like to create new alias.

It’s really simple. just use PCRE tables (or regex – whatever). I used PCRE ( – and added just one line there:

As PCREs are greedy by default I used the lazy quantifier “?” before the ‘@’. And now I can enjoy what I used back in Gmail epoch ;)

(English) Postfix: Backup MX

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