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11 Linux Session recap

11 Linux Session


11th edition of Linux Session is over. It was 2 days full of great presentations, discussions and liters of beer we drank. I really enjoyed “Self – hosting in practice” by Błażej „Mewp” Święcicki. I just felt like this guys was talking about me, my home – server and my solutions :) Unfortunately I didn’t make it to “Linux namespaces: not only LXC” by Wirkijowski Wojciech as I was late due to some accident on highway which caused my delay.

Also I gave 2 talks during this conference – honestly it was my first time to give 2 speeches during one event. It wasn’t that easy to prepare, but in the end I felt very good that I had that chance :) See yourself the slides:


Monitoring with Nagios and Ganglia from Maciej Lasyk

High Availability (HA) Explained – second edition from Maciej Lasyk

Invitation to 11th Linux Session @Wrocław

11 Linux Session

I’ll give two talks during the 11th Linux Session which will take place in Wrocław University of Technology. First one will be all about High Availability and during the second one I’ll tell you about Nagios and Ganglia integration.

So feel invited – the entrance is all free; just register at http://11.sesja.linuksowa.pl/

See you in Wrocław at 5 and 6th April!

Linux Autumn 2013 – recap

Jesień Linuksowa

So this is it – Linux Autumn conference is over! We talked a lot, we hiked a beautiful mountain, we drank a loot of beer and meet new people. This year’s edition was placed in the Szczyrk – heart of Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki mountains – and weather was so great that i just couldn’t stay for all the talks inside the hotel and left for a while to take a hike to the biggest mountain in the hood (see images & videos that I shot on the end of this post).

The agenda was very interesting. I particularly liked:

  • Pam_container – LXC + PAM + Python = ♥ (by Grzegorz Nosek). This topic is very close for me as I just falled in love with LXC.
  • Memory handling in Linux (by Maciej Nabożny). Performance topic are also very interesting for me – I spend a lot of time using strace / gdb on daily basis while developing some projects so it’s always nice to hear something new or to take a look from one’s perspective.
  • Smack – simple alternative to SELinux (by Rafał Krypa). I’m heavy SELinux user and also I just have to know about all the new security concepts. It was interesting but… I’ll stay with SELinux ;)
  • Know Your Tools – auditd (by Dariusz Puchalak). I use auditd on daily basis so just wanted to see how others do it. I can say – we all use it the way developer thought – so the proper way ;)
  • Take care of my logs (by Witold Duranek) – this was very interesting talk about marriage of Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana and RabbitMQ. Really great – something I will have to take a closer look & deploy.
  • Technomonopols (by Michał Woźniak) – this was flame & troll fight about out understaiding of the biggest social services monopolies. Quite interesting – and despite I hate troll fights & flame wars – this one draw my attention.

I also won the contest announced by guys from Samsung R&D Centre. There were two topics (improving Linux security and improving Linux boot time). I won Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to my ideas about shortening the boot process time on Linux machines. I’ll write another post about that.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to have a talk during this edition of Linux Autumn. Due to that I changed my worked recently I had too much things on my head and just weren’t able to prepare enough. I created 2 short lightning talks (about node.js security and managing resources with control groups) but unfortunately – there was no lightning talks event so I couldn’t give that presentations.

As I said – I love hiking the mountains so I took a trip to the summit of Skrzyczne mountain. You can view the photos below. I also created 2 time-lapse videos using my SGS3 – you can see dusk and dawn over this beautiful Skrzyczne mountain.