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11 Linux Session recap

11 Linux Session


11th edition of Linux Session is over. It was 2 days full of great presentations, discussions and liters of beer we drank. I really enjoyed “Self – hosting in practice” by Błażej „Mewp” Święcicki. I just felt like this guys was talking about me, my home – server and my solutions :) Unfortunately I didn’t make it to “Linux namespaces: not only LXC” by Wirkijowski Wojciech as I was late due to some accident on highway which caused my delay.

Also I gave 2 talks during this conference – honestly it was my first time to give 2 speeches during one event. It wasn’t that easy to prepare, but in the end I felt very good that I had that chance :) See yourself the slides:


Monitoring with Nagios and Ganglia from Maciej Lasyk

High Availability (HA) Explained – second edition from Maciej Lasyk

Invitation to 11th Linux Session @Wrocław

11 Linux Session

I’ll give two talks during the 11th Linux Session which will take place in Wrocław University of Technology. First one will be all about High Availability and during the second one I’ll tell you about Nagios and Ganglia integration.

So feel invited – the entrance is all free; just register at http://11.sesja.linuksowa.pl/

See you in Wrocław at 5 and 6th April!

High Availability Explained – slides from my talk @ Krakow DevOPS meetup



Yesterday’s DevOPS meetup was great – we talked a _lot_, saw a few terrific talks, drank beer (water in my case :( ) & ate plenty of pizza ;) I gave talk about HA – you can see slides below: