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MySQL bug gets cake ;)

Taniec [PL only]

:)(pobrane z http://www.zuchrysuje.pl/taniec/)



This one will be very short. Some time ago I took part in a SXSW competition – it was all about resolving server issues (removing backdoors, trojans, standard sysadmins tasks etc) as fast as You could. I even achieved 2nd place before the finals:

SXSW competition rankingNo big deal (yeah ;) ). But what was very funny – a friend of mine when saw this results replied very quickly with those 3 images – what just made my day ;)

Hack-O-MeterAnimated tumblr_lgb02mCfLm1qe0eclo1_r5_500 hackers-film-crash-overide-computer-yospos-1359681906e