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11 Linux Session recap

11 Linux Session


11th edition of Linux Session is over. It was 2 days full of great presentations, discussions and liters of beer we drank. I really enjoyed “Self – hosting in practice” by Błażej „Mewp” Święcicki. I just felt like this guys was talking about me, my home – server and my solutions :) Unfortunately I didn’t make it to “Linux namespaces: not only LXC” by Wirkijowski Wojciech as I was late due to some accident on highway which caused my delay.

Also I gave 2 talks during this conference – honestly it was my first time to give 2 speeches during one event. It wasn’t that easy to prepare, but in the end I felt very good that I had that chance :) See yourself the slides:


Monitoring with Nagios and Ganglia from Maciej Lasyk

High Availability (HA) Explained – second edition from Maciej Lasyk

New project – HitTheHeat


I’ve just created new github repo where I’ll push all my materials / scripts / schemas regarding to the project I started a while ago. This is all about home central heating automation. I’m trying to create a solution that will take care of turning the heating on / off based on heating curve created with data gathered from Atmega nodes.

I’ll keep you posted guys. for now You can check the pre – alfa code of the Arduino app. I’ll add more when I have some more time. You can check it on the github project page: https://github.com/docent-net/HitTheHeat/

Google Reader is dead. What now?

Google Reader

Ok, so Google Reader is dead. This is not the end of the world – everything one has to do is defeat his habits  and find some other RSS solution. A couple of my friends asked me what kind of alternative I choosed – and why not Feedly.

I answered shortly: I don’t like Feedly and I found something that assures me stable, secure and easy to migrate RSS solution. I decided to go with Tiny Tiny RSS – let’s Open Source ;)

But.. We have to host this solution on our own servers (ups). There is also Android App (ups – there’s none for iPhone). So what? We can ;) And this will be as secure as You deploy it – so roll the ball & remember that Your RSS feeds info is also interesting for someone looking at You ;)

There was some article on linux.com describing some installation details: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/322446-weekend-project-replacing-google-reader-with-tiny-tiny-rss