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Raspbian, Raspberry-PI, installation, overclocking && vnc


During last hackathon in Ganymede I created a working instance of monitoring system which included Nagios, Jira, Ganglia and hardware like Raspberry-PI and Arduino (those ARMs are used just for end-user purposes like dashboards and alert lights).

For now I’d like to make a quick write up of preparing Raspbian to work on R-PI. Those are easy things, but it’s good to have them in a note.

  1. Installing Raspberry-PI from Linux box (firstly download Raspbian img from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads)
    • Format Your SD card in FAT32:
    • Copy img file to SD using dd:
  2. Overclocking (gives us a good boost needed for displaying complicated dashboards – You can read about overclocking here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/tag/overclocking):
    • Mount SD card somewhere in the linux box and edit the config.txt file from this Raspbian boot-partition so it looks like:
  3.  VNC installation on display 0: (so You can VNC into the main display / desktop):
    • VNC installation:
    • Now the init script (save it as /etc/init.d/vnc):
    • And just make it start during the boot process:
  4. Prevent screen from turning off:
    • Edit /etc/kbd/config so it contains following entries:

      and restart kbd: /etc/init.d/kbd restart
    • Edit vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf so it contains following entry in the section [SeatDefaults]:

That’s all for now. I’ll try to make a blog-post about that hackathon project as I’ve been receiving questions about it. It’s possible, that I’ll try to make a talk about it during the next OWASP meeting here at our Kraków / Poland chapter.

Hackathon preps


About 3 months ago we had first Hackathon at Ganymede. Unfortunately We (OPS) couldn’t take part in it as We had Red-Hat exams during Hackathon time. So We were waiting 3 months till next Hackathon, thinking, preparing, brainfucking. And for what? Just to know, that next Hackathon will take place again while another Red-Hat exams. OMG, WTF???

Fortunately this time We made it to postpone.. exams :D Warsaw can wait ;) So.. now when We’re all set up and ready We had to finally make up our minds. Ganymede Hackathons are all about games – as our company creates games. But what game could Operations team create? SUD / MUD like? ;) So – We have some other ideas…

We saw those ideas coming for a while.. The first one is strictly operational and the second is really a game. We’ll have only 24 hours to finish (starting from Thursday, finishing next day), so We really have to move fast. Nothing more I can tell here – but… Nagiios, Ganglia, Raspberry-PI and Arduino – those are our directions right now ;)

So – preps underway; on the photo You can see the scene from battlefield in the early stage before even hackathon starts – 3 days before.