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IT night 2014 recap & slides

IT Night 2014

 First of all – this is a coolest event badge ever. Seriously – it’s awesomeness is about zoundsss! Thanks guys again for that!

So this night is over, I think we all had already enough sleep and now we’re able to do some recap. First of all – hard to say for me but this was my first IT night; somehow it happened that I couldn’t make it earlier (7 years to narrow it as this was 8th edition – lol). What was this night about? Everything that was somehow connected to IT topics; there were gaming consoles, Linux Millionaire – like trivia, throwing HDDs challenge, assembling PC challenge etc – all the things we did and we love or hate :) And of course – there were many talks given by awesome people (lol – including me) ;) But honestly – every one person who attended this night was really awesome – We could talk a lot with almost everyone and did not get bored :)

So – if you weren’t there – regret this all 365 following days and register to the next edition – it’s really a must – be event :) And for organizers – guys – you did a tremendous and great job – thank you for that!

My talk was about living and working in terminal. You can find this on Slideshare (embedded below). I also created GitHub project where I will develop those topics through the time. Wanna help? No prob – just ping me somehow ;)

Google Reader is dead. What now?

Google Reader

Ok, so Google Reader is dead. This is not the end of the world – everything one has to do is defeat his habits  and find some other RSS solution. A couple of my friends asked me what kind of alternative I choosed – and why not Feedly.

I answered shortly: I don’t like Feedly and I found something that assures me stable, secure and easy to migrate RSS solution. I decided to go with Tiny Tiny RSS – let’s Open Source ;)

But.. We have to host this solution on our own servers (ups). There is also Android App (ups – there’s none for iPhone). So what? We can ;) And this will be as secure as You deploy it – so roll the ball & remember that Your RSS feeds info is also interesting for someone looking at You ;)

There was some article on linux.com describing some installation details: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/322446-weekend-project-replacing-google-reader-with-tiny-tiny-rss