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Stop disabling SELinux – slides from my talk @ Krakow Infosec meetup


Every time you run setenforce 0, you make Dan Walsh weep. Dan is a nice guy and he certainly doesn’t deserve that. So see how not to disable SELinux and why it is so great :)

Infosec meetup invitation


Next week there will be first Infosec group meetup. It’ll take place in BaseLab here in Kraków. I’ll give a #SELinux presentation there and that will be the beginning of the whole SELinux series. I’ll try to enlight all of you who still “setenforce 0”.

You can RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/Infosec-Krakow/events/168455142/

And remember one, very important thing, Dan is watching you!

RHEL/Fedora + Docker (and SELinux) – slides from my talk @ Krakow DevOPS meetup


It’s still fresh – I gave this talk a few hours ago at DevOPS meetup here in Krakow. There’s Dan Walsh’s surprise included ;)

RHEL/Fedora + Docker (and SELinux) from Maciej Lasyk